Special incentives beyond tax deductions:

There are many organizations that offer free vouchers for various discounts and special vacation packages for donating your vehicle. Be sure to read the fine print on some of these offers. Some are better than others. It is a good idea to verify the organization you choose through the California Attorney General's website http://oag.ca.gov/

Cash Rebates

There is a Free Cash Rebate Voucher program for vehicle donors, which provides up to $3,000 in relevant cash rebates for those that donate their vehicle to the organization for charity. Donors can now receive cash rebates when shopping at their favorite online retailers. The Free Cash Rebate Voucher gives the donor access to the Cash Rebate Mall where they may receive discounts and savings, as well as earn cash rebates from hundreds of retailers such as Target, Kohls, Macys and the Gap. This shopping program offers consumers the highest rebates available from over 800 merchants. The Cash Rebate Mall is operated by Exclusive Incentive Marketing Inc. This is available through many charities when donating your vehicle.