Getting Started Donating Your Car

Call or donate your vehicle on line with the organization of your choice which includes your SUV, BOAT, MOTORCYCLE, or CAMPER. In most cases organizations won't take partial vehicles or boats that don't float in the water. Click below to find a charity.

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How do you donate your vehicle?

Fill out a donation form on line. You will need to provide the following information:
The year, make, model and mileage of the vehicle, along with the (17) digit (VIN) number is usually found on your vehicle near the base of the windshield. This is on the driver side. It can also be found on the registration or insurance policy. You will need to show some ID and provide a signed title to give to the bonded tow truck driver at time of pick up. If you don't have the title certificate, request that the driver brings a blank form to fill out. You may also mail the title and keys to the organization tow yard. Once the vehicle has been sold, you will be mailed an official receipt acknowledging your charitable contribution. You will need the receipt in order to claim your tax deduction. If you expect a tax deduction for more than $500, you will need to give your Social Security number with the signed title slip. You can also transfer your vehicle to another person during the donation process and that person will receive the tax deduction.

Below is an example of a Certificate of Title and how you sign it.

Sample Certificate of Title For Car Donations Sample Certificate of Title For Car Donations 2

Once my vehicle is donated, what process happens?

Your vehicle will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Sometimes vehicles with low mileage are given to poor families by some charities, usually in order for families to get to work or school. In most other cases, wrecked vehicles or non running will be sold to recycling firms. Good condition cars with some mechanical problems will be sold at Mechanics Only Auctions. Vehicles and boats in good condition will be sold at high-end auctions maximizing the proceeds.

Donating Your Car Process

You can browse through the steps of donating your cars by using the navigation above.

Start the Process

Step 1) Car Appraised & Valued

Your car will be appraised and valued to see how much you will be able to put towards your donation.


Step 2) Car Auctioned & Sold

Your car will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. Your donation will be valued as the price your car was sold at.


Step 3) Certificate For Tax Deduction

Once your car has been sold, you will receive a certificate of donation that you can use for your tax deduction.


Your donations will go to helping people in California

It's as simple as that and your donation will go to helping the ones in need.