Donate Cars To Charities For Tax Credits

Donate Cars California

When you donate your vehicle to charity, the money raised from the sale will go directly to the charity of your choice. Donations help maintain and expand your favorite charities revenue and create jobs in your local community. This is accomplished by networks of licensed car dealers or licensed vehicle recyclers that will maximize revenue for your appointed charity at the same time optimize your tax deduction.

Find Out How!

Donate your car today to help the ones in need! Full tax deduction!

How to Donate

Call or donate your vehicle on line with the organization of your choice which includes your SUV, BOAT, MOTORCYCLE, or CAMPER. In most cases organizations won't take partial vehicles or boats that don't float in the water.

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Tax Deductions

Donate your car today and save a significant amount on your taxes. Always make sure to calculate your deduction properly to get the highest charitable tax deduction.

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Why Donate?

Avoid the hassle and anxiety of selling to a private party. After your vehicle is sold, the net proceeds go directly to your pre-chosen non-profit charity. Some charities guarantee 90% of the proceeds will go to the charity.

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